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02. The Vineyards

01. The Domaines

03. The Wines

02. The Vineyards

The Terroir

The Domaines Henri Martin vineyards are mostly situated in the Saint-Julien appellation, with some in the Haut-Médoc appellation under the Château Bel Air Gloria name.

It’s well known that Saint-Julien is the smallest of the four major Médoc appellations, but it has a big reputation!
This appellation can boast the highest concentration of “1855 crus classés”: 11 over 900 hectares. There are no lesser wines in Saint-Julien... It’s even said that Saint-Julien is the quintessence of Médoc wines, striking a balance between the softness and femininity of Margaux and the strength of Pauillac. It offers the delightful fullness, fruit and delicacy of the former along with the latter’s robustness and structure.

Saint-Julien wines are generally characterised by their superb harmony and great finesse, their refined, elegant, typical aromas of red berries and undergrowth, their high-quality tannins and their vigour and richness.
The Haut-Médoc appellation covers 4,567 hectares. Its soils consist mainly of layers of Garonne gravel on which Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot thrive to make it a known and appreciated terroir.

The vineyard
« A wine’s quality and nobility begin in the vineyard » Jean-Louis Triaud
Domaines Martin équipe Domaines Martin équipe
The men and women of Domaines Henri Martin

02. The Vineyards

The Men and Women

Estates Director Rémi Di Costanzo heads a Domaines team of 45 men and women who work daily in the vineyards and cellars, on the bottling line or on administrative tasks.

The entire Triaud family is hugely grateful for the team’s good humour, respect for tradition, know-how and desire to do a good job.

Every year during the harvest period, the Domaines take on over 150 seasonal workers to help the local team pick the grapes across all the parcels. Everyone plays a precise, enthusiastic part in producing and selecting the best bunches to make quality wines that faithfully reflect the Saint-Julien appellation and the Domaines Henri Martin style.

« Human quality to bring out the best in a naturally exceptional terroir » Orphée Amougou

02. The Vineyards

The Cellars

Domaines Henri Martin have invested in modern production facilities, with two sorting lines and vibrating tables fitted with optical sorting technology to receive the harvested grapes.

In 2008, part of the vinification cellar was restructured, with the arrival of a new fermenting room incorporating every form of technological innovation and progress.
Its stainless steel, temperature-controlled tanks are mostly fitted with automatic pumping-over systems.

Domaines Henri Martin mature their wines in over 2,000 barrels divided between 5 dedicated cellars.
The owners are concerned about caring for the environment and have been awarded a level 3 High Environmental Value certification (HEV 3) and the ISO 14001 certification.

« Our priority is to respect our terroir by giving our wines every opportunity to express their elegance, strength and complexity. » Jean Triaud

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